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Ecological strategy at Bartex. How we reduced the amount of waste by 120,000 kg in 2022

Any production process generates waste making it an everyday challenge for each industry. At Bartex, we implement the idea of ecology and waste reduction not only out of necessity – we have created a separate branch of our business from it. Giving a second life to scraps of material, we produce full-value products, and thus significantly reduce the amount of generated waste. How do we do it? Find out.

Ecological strategy at Bartex

Wholesome, ecological products made of 100% recycled waste

At Bartex, we believe that economic development and the production of new products do not have to be associated with the constant overproduction of waste. Every day, over 200 employees in our company cut, sew, quilt and push products, manually and using modern production lines. We produce home and hotel textiles, such as bedding, pillows, tablecloths, mattress covers and underlays, covers for garden swings or cushions. All these products generate waste at the stage of their creation. Fortunately, we found a solution to reuse it.

What kind of waste are we talking about exactly? Explore our manufacturing processes that generate residues:

  • Quilting. In this process, we combine three layers of fabric into one. To obtain even edges, the sides of the joined materials are automatically cut off, and that’s when waste in the form of strips of materials is created.
  • Slicing. It is done for almost every production line. The material that we use for the products must be cut into elements, and then further scraps are naturally created.
  • Quality control. If the elements do not meet the quality requirements and there is no way to eliminate defects – waste in the form of blanks is created. We control the quality of products at every stage of production.


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Ecological strategy at Bartex

How is a full-fledged new product created?

All post-production residues that were created in the processes described above are collected, baled or stored in reusable material bags. Then, employees of the Fillings Department select them and divide them according to the raw material composition. The sorted material goes to the cutting devices, where it is cut and defibrated to the appropriate structure. At this stage, we use a mixer for defibering materials, which we designed, created and then implemented for production. The “mass” created in this process is used as a filling – for pillows, beds, toys and other products if our customers so wish.

Ecological strategy at Bartex

Thanks to the use of full-fledged recycled fillings, we implement our own ecological strategy, as well as the pro-ecological policy of our Partners. At the same time, to obtain the perfect filling mix, we also buy unused materials from other production companies, saving additional kilograms of offcuts from the trash.

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Properly cut and defibrated material goes to tanks with fillings, where it is mixed with other granules in appropriate proportions. Depending on the type of product, the internal insert with filling is the sum of properly fragmented and selected percentage mixtures. Finally, the selected mixture is blown with compressed air into the product.

Eco-friendly products for animals

We also use the recovered post-production waste in the production processes related to our line of pet beds and toys. We implement this strategy for our own brand – Wikopet, and we also offer it to other producers of products for pets. This includes the use of recycled fillings as well as the production of 100% recycled toys.

Ecological strategy at Bartex

The latter product deserves special attention because it allowed us to significantly reduce the number of materials that would end up in the garbage during the production of beds. And since these are products dedicated to dogs and cats, ecology plays a special role here. How are recycled toys made? In the process of cutting beds, the shapes of future toys are also incorporated into the cut patterns. Creating wholesome, durable products that pets love.

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Be eco with us

We are constantly looking for solutions that will allow us to reduce the negative impact on the natural environment. Each, even the smallest of them, is a source of pride for us. However, we are most proud of the fact that thanks to the applied solutions, in 2022 alone we prevented as much as 120,000 kg of production residues from being thrown away. The waste gained a second life, and thanks to an advanced quality control procedure, we made sure that the recovered materials and fillings meet the high-quality standards expected of us by our customers and their consumers.

Are you looking for a partner who will support your pro-ecological policy? When working with us, you can choose which fillings you want to use. You have an impact on the production process and you can always count on our advice to help you make the best decision. Contact us – we will be happy to advise you on how to do it and prepare an appropriate project.

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