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How do we cooperate with the distributor of Wikopet beds in Poland? An interview with our business partner

We are experts in sewing, and our flagship products are premium beds for demanding customers. In order to be able to satisfy as many animals as possible, we decided to partner with an expert in another field – distribution and sales. That is why we have established a cooperative relationship with iPet Expert. Read the interview with Dominika Kozik, CEO of iPet Expert, and find out how we work together and what the key to good business relations is.

How do we cooperate with the distributor of Wikopet beds in Poland? An nterview with our business partner

Let’s start by introducing the iPet Expert company – what does it do and what does it offer to its clients?

We supply our partners with products for animals. We make sure that our offer includes high-quality products and that our customers have a wide selection of individual product groups. At the moment, we are the sole distributor of the Wikopet and ideaPet brands, whose wide range perfectly reflects our values. Our products are directed mainly to pet shops, which we reach through a constantly expanding network of sales representatives.

A large part of our activity is also the hotline department, where everyone can obtain information about available products and offers in areas that our representatives have not yet reached. If by some miracle our representative did not make it to a certain store, the hotline department will gladly accept an invitation for our representatives to present an offer.

So quality and a wide range are important to you. What else do you pay attention to when choosing partners for cooperation?

We pay attention to the awareness and the possibility of educating end customers. A one-time sale is not an art, but convincing to buy our products again is. A perfect example are both Wikopet beds, which quickly find their supporters and four-legged admirers after the first purchase. We are heading in the same direction with the ideaPet brand, which, despite the fact that it has recently appeared on the market, is gaining a large group of enthusiasts and we see a very positive reception of our delicacies on the market.

We already know what convinced you to join us, but what was the main reason that made you decide to join forces?

We decided to cooperate because we noticed that Bartex is a professional team with high commitment. These are people who are passionate about their work. When getting to know each other closer, we noticed that there are no random people there. Thanks to this, there are no barriers between us, which will certainly affect the joint implementation of the intended goals and plans. It is also worth noting that this is not a one-sided cooperation – the decision and trust were on both sides here. There is “chemistry” between us, so the decision to cooperate could not be different.

What were the first stages of cooperation with Bartex and the Wikopet brand like?

We started by defining our needs for the promotion and distribution of our brands together. When they turned out to be consistent, we decided to join forces and create a sales department, which we called iPet Expert. First of all, we are guided by the same idea – constant development and crossing new barriers. We want to take on new challenges and meet the expectations of consumers. This will definitely involve a lot of crazy and new ideas. We hope that we will have many opportunities to translate this into action and mention it in our channels.

What are the next steps at the moment? What are your plans for Wikopet products?

We are focused on creating a collection that will meet the needs of our pets. So that every little friend can rest comfortably on our products, and feel safe and comfortable. From the beginning, we are guided by a maxim that we will probably repeat like a mantra until finally everyone will be convinced of the same – each pet should have more than one bed. That is why we implement new products and new categories. At the moment, these are beds in the categories of Home & Living, Orthopedic, Travel, and toys and soon we will reveal our next collection, which will stay with us permanently and will certainly have a group of fans.

At Wikopet, we like this moment of designing and creating new products, so it’s definitely interesting. But working on beds and collections is not the only area of our cooperation…

Yes, we cooperate with Wikopet fully, creating one big sales department. The basis is the cooperation between our companies and it is at a very high level. What is crucial in our cooperation – we listen to each other and we can always rely on each other. Both companies are not afraid of challenges. Nobody focuses only on cooperation in a specific area, but we help each other on every level.

What are your predictions for Wikopet products on the market? What sets them apart from the competition?

We hope that our collection will meet the needs of the most demanding customers! That’s why we keep expanding it. Our products are manufactured with the utmost care by a professional team with modern production facilities. There may be a belief that making such a bed is trivial and any company could sew it. However, taking Wikopet products in hand, you can immediately see the difference in the quality of the finish and the comfort of the future user. With these products in our range and ideas for the years to come, we have no fears about the future.

Finally, please tell us how you evaluate the cooperation with Bartex so far?

The cooperation is very good and above all – in accordance with the arrangements and expectations. In fact, we make up one sensational and committed team. We believe that this is the perfect recipe for success!

We fully agree with this. We are waiting for the next challenges as this is only the beginning of our cooperation. Thank you for the interview.



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