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Sewing bedding at Bartex. How do we adapt to customer needs?

Sewing bedding is a significant part of our production and is a challenge that we enjoy. Why a challenge? Because although it may seem that the process of sewing bedding is not very complicated, in industrial production we face different dimensions, fabrics and types of finishing. How do we deal with them? Find out.

Sewing bedding at Bartex – machinery and technologies

We have been operating on the market since 1994 and we know perfectly well that the best way to ensure quality and timely deliveries is automation. The modern machine park not only enables faster and more efficient work, but also ensures high repeatability, excellent quality and precision of finishing. Machines and devices also mean more efficient and safer work for our employees.

We use excellent quality DURKOP ADLER machines and TEXPA bed linen sewing and folding machines with overlocks and JUKA lockstitch machines, as well as inflatable tables for sewing standing mattresses with PEGASUS overlocks.

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“What is very valuable in Bartex is the constant development in terms of the capabilities of our devices. If we need equipment to sew, for example, sheets on rubber bands, we bring in an expert who visits our production plant, provides recommendations on the necessary tools, and we implement them. Thanks to this, we are able to quickly adapt and start production of a product that has not yet been produced” – Małgorzata Ryglewicz, Production Manager in the sewing department, Bartex Polska

Standard and non-standard orders

A properly equipped machine park enables us to fulfil orders from typical dimensions to less standard ones. We fold, pack and deliver the sewn bedding to the customer so that they can immediately hit the store shelves. If there is a need, we sew the customer’s logo, embroidery or pattern on the bedding, enabling one-time execution of the order in our company, without the need to subcontract similar small elements.

Our clients are bedding manufacturers selling to consumers throughout Europe. We carry out standard orders for them in sizes for children and adults from 70 cm to 190 cm or even 220 cm wide. An interesting challenge for us are projects for manufacturers of hotel bedding. They often reach a width of up to 260 cm, have no zippers or buttons, and require the use of a very fine sewing stitch, which will ensure the durability of the bedding when cleaning it at high temperatures.

“When it comes to sewing bedding, there is little that can surprise us, but there are also such situations. For example, for a manufacturer of hotel bedding, we carried out an order that was initially incomprehensible to us. The bedding had no zipper or tab, just a small inlet through which the bedding needs to be pushed in. On the one hand, we were surprised, and on the other hand, we know that thanks to this, the bedding will not fall out of the pillowcase and the comfort of use will be greater. Anything can be done.” – Małgorzata Ryglewicz, Production Manager in the Sewing Department, Bartex Polska

Exclusive bedding for demanding customers

We sew bedding for our clients from various fabrics, including thick flannel, and percale, but also from more delicate materials, such as silk or satin. We offer various types of sewing, including the more demanding and exclusive ones. At the customer’s request, we sew decorative elements, for example, the popular piping, which gives the product an aesthetic finish and a place in the category of luxury products.

What else can we offer our clients? This question is best answered by our production manager, Małgorzata Ryglewicz, who has been working at Bartex for 14 years:

“Quality, punctuality and quantity – this is what distinguishes us. I do not know a company that would make 5,000 sheets a day. We can do it thanks to our machine park, which we are able to adapt to the needs of virtually every customer. Why is it so important? We are aware that each of our clients is a manufacturer who earns on sales. If they outsource sewing bedding, it means that they had to invest in fabric, production and advertising, and they want these funds to be repaid as soon as possible. This is how it works – money makes money, so the execution time and high precision of execution are so important. And that’s what we try to provide our customers with.”

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