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Quilting fabrics – how does it affect the functionality of the mattress and bedding?

Professional techniques of sewing and textile manipulation, such as quilting, are used whenever we want to ensure the high quality, ergonomics and durability of each product. How does the quilting process work and what are the benefits? Let’s find out.

What is thread quilting?

By using appropriate treatments, such as quilting, manufacturers of mattress covers, pillows or bedding can freely process the starting material and give it specific properties. How is it done and what are the benefits? The quilting process enables the convenient and durable joining of two or more layers of fabric. A special filling is usually placed between the selected materials. As a result, the final product is softer, protects against excessive heat loss and retains its features even after prolonged, intensive use. This method can be successfully used in the production of quilts and covers that differ in size, parameters and thickness.

The main advantage of thread quilting is the ability to sew specific elements with a wadding, i.e. a layer of insulation. The distinctive patterns on the surface help to ensure that the wadding will stay in place, be evenly distributed and will not start to bunch up during washing, for example. At the same time, bedding, bedspreads and other textiles will become much more resistant to stretching, pushing or deformation. How is the production process? In this traditional method, the upper and lower layers, along with the padding in between, are joined with special stitching. Quilting is done along the edge and then in the middle at regular intervals to ensure that the seams do not start to come apart over time.

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Quilting fabrics in Bartex – flexibility and ergonomics

All the most important parameters, such as thread thickness or preferred patterns, should be determined taking into account the specific features that the finished product should have. The stitching is not only decorative. On the contrary – it is thanks to this solution that the insulation layer will not move and will retain its shape for a long time.

Today, maximum precision and freedom of action are ensured by modern technological solutions used in production processes. It is enough to enter all types of fabrics and select specific settings so that the previously programmed quilting pattern is automatically applied to the joined elements. Because the system is extremely user-friendly, it is possible to perform even the most complex, unusual projects. At Bartex, we use the most modern solutions that help us individually adapt to the standards, requirements and norms imposed by our clients. Our excellent results are primarily due to two Mammut VMK automated lines with an MPS cutting line with a capacity of 6,000 m3 m/day.

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Quilting fabrics – how does it affect the functionality of the mattress and bedding?

The latest research results confirm the beneficial effect of both presented methods on the thermal insulation properties and strength of various textile products. How does quilting affect the functionality of the mattress and bedding? First of all, the technological process of combining several layers into one composite allows in a relatively short time to obtain products that are characterized by much greater thermal comfort, unparalleled aesthetics, optimally matched levels of softness and maximum durability.

Professional quilting services are dedicated to larger and smaller representatives of the industry who prefer to delegate this task to trustworthy contractors. Modern, properly configured machines and many years of experience from our specialists are the best way to facilitate production processes and reduce expenses without sacrificing the highest quality or precision of workmanship. We carry out not only standard projects but also individual, unusual orders, taking into account the standards and norms applicable to our clients.

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