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BARTEX company with Forbes Diamond 2022

We are proud and pleased to announce that Bartex was among the winning companies of Forbes Diamonds 2022 in the category “revenue from 5 to 50 million”. The Lubusz Land has a huge development potential – our voivodship is ranked 14th on the Forbes list. We are all the more glad that we could join this group of companies working on the image of our region.

What are Forbes Diamonds?

Forbes Diamonds is a ranking measuring the development of Polish enterprises in terms of their turnover. It takes into account the three previous years when analyzing the data provided to the National Court Register. The Forbes Diamond title is awarded to every company that has achieved an average increase of at least 15% in recent years.

Dun & Bradstreet Sp. z o. o. collects data and, based on them, creates databases of enterprises to which it has awarded a positive credibility rating. Companies must be profitable (based on EBIT and ROA ratios) and have high current liquidity and not be in arrears with payments. Companies that meet these conditions must also demonstrate a positive financial result and the value of equity – explain the organizers on the website of the ranking.

Forbes Diamonds is therefore an independent plebiscite based on data, as well as a prestigious title, proving the credibility and development potential of the awarded companies.

diamenty forbesa 2022

Motivation for further work

After the turmoil caused by the pandemic, uncertainty in Polish, European and global markets, as well as military operations taking place beyond our eastern border, Forbes Diamonds are an important distinction for us. It is not only a prestigious title but also proof that we make every effort to develop, provide stable jobs and support the national economy.

It is also a motivation for us to continue working and constantly striving to build a strong leadership position on the market of textiles and sewing services.

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